K-dependent MGP linked to wide spectrum of age-related chronic diseases

After conducting a thorough PubMed search of the literature, the authors of a review article that has recently been published in the Hypertension journal revealed the association of Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) with a wide spectrum of age-related chronic diseases extending beyond the cardiovascular field. They summarized the growing evidence implicating activated MGP in maintaining microvascular integrity and preserving the structure and function of vital organs, including the retina, kidney, and heart.

The researchers included a tabular summary of observation studies and clinical trials of vitamin K supplementation on desphospho-uncarboxylated MGP (dp-ucMGP) and cardiovascular health and they concluded by emphasizing the importance of their review, “Aging is one of the greatest social and economic challenges worldwide. With this demographic transition, health care costs are escalating, so that health care system must adjust to remain sustainable. In FLEMENGHO, plasma dp-ucMGP levels ranging from 1.4 to 4.6 μg/L were optimal in terms of the risk of mortality and macrovascular cardiovascular illness; the 4.6 μg/L threshold corresponded with the 65th percentile of the dp-ucMGP distribution. Thus, vitamin K supplementation before irreversible organ damage sets in might find its application in the prevention of a wide range of disabling diseases, which increasingly challenge health care system in the second millennium.”

“The clinical perspective presented in this review is very interesting and the crucial message communicated by its authors, concerning the usefulness of vitamin K2 supplementation,  needs to be diffused and implemented especially by doctors dealing with aged people and patients with CKD, diabetes mellitus, or on treatment with warfarin or antibiotics,” says Dr. Katarzyna Maresz, president of the International Science and Health Foundation.


Wei FF, Trenson S, Verhamme P, Vermeer C, Staessen JA (2019) Vitamin K-Dependent Matrix Gla Protein as Multifaceted Protector of Vascular and Tissue Integrity, Hypertension 73(6): 1160-1169, doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.119.12412.


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